Five Card Flickr Story: Many Paths

All of these images reminded me of taking a journey, and all of the new and invigorating experiences that come with that.

 I think it would be interesting to create a specific classroom version of this game. Maybe have students select photos around a certain topic specific theme and compile them into a database and then have students write their own stories based on the pictures they get or choose pictures that best represent a piece of music.

How would you implement this in your classroom to promote storytelling skills within music education?

3 thoughts on “Five Card Flickr Story: Many Paths

  1. Love the music link – great for our curriculum expectations. I like the idea of finding a soundtrack, and then explaining why they chose it – or could each photo be a different part of the story/script, and have a different piece of music – you could really delve into tone with this. I’m thinking about using it for my Core French classes, as a story prompt.

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