Fair Thee Well Love by James Mulholland

Last night I got home from my last domestic tour with the Concordia University A Capella Choir! It was such an incredible opportunity to sing with this group for the last five years, and I cannot wait for our European tour next month.

Here’s us singing Fair Thee Well Love by James Mulholland with me singing the solo.

Also, if you read this, wish me luck as I interview with a school in Denver that I would really love to work at!

We teach to cre…

We teach to create a musical environment we lacked while growing up. We are here to give students the best foundations possible.

A “Ms. Alexander,” as quoted by this tumblr page!

I thought this would be a wonderful quote to return to my blog with! I have spent the last few months hectic with papers and assignments and tours and job applications. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester when I can sit back and reflect on the last five years of my college career and really begin to appreciate all that I have learned and the new person I have become.

I will attempt to update this blog more often (once a week, I hope) over the next month, but I leave for my penultimate choir tour on Wednesday so that may not happen!

I do have a job interview next week, so maybe I’ll post some of what I’ve been researching in preparation for that with my connections to music education.

Good luck as we all (teachers and pre-service teachers alike) finish out the school year!