Student Teaching Weeks 7 & 8: Da Capo al Fine

Yesterday, I said goodbye to two cooperating teachers, two other music teachers, a faculty and staff I really liked, and the last of over 400 students I have gotten to know over the last 8 weeks.

There were three individuals or groups of students that made it very hard to leave the school. First, my second grade friend was disappointed I was not able to have one more music recess with him. Today, he gave me a big hug and said goodbye before running back to his classroom.

Second, the first grade class that made a book of drawings and notes of them in music class! Later today, I’ll put up pictures of the book later today (sans names of course).

But saying goodbye to the dedicated high school musicians in the band was very difficult. I know some of them may find their way to this blog, but they already know how thankful I am for my time with that ensemble. A few gave me cards or notes, a few wanted pictures with me. I felt very connected to that group of students.

So, I made it to halfway mark, and on Monday I start the entire process over again! A new staff, two new cooperating teachers, and many new students! Da capo al fine!

P.S. – Our marching band got a Superior rating at their first ever marching contest! It was so awesome to see students who had never marched in a competitive show wow the audience and judges with a very fine musical product! Very cool!

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